Exams are over, uni’s out for summer and the UK is experiencing it’s classic, annual communal melt in true fat-men-unnecessarily-shirtless proportions. This means one thing, time to update the ipod and quickly exchange mixtapes before my friends and I jet of to various corners of the globe. Summer vibes and music to go just right with some fine Aldi Sangria is the order of the week, and in no short supply. Music that smells like suncream, to help us coast through our sweltering hangovers…

How To Dress Well 

Aka the ridiculously underrated American producer/ singer is back with a track that sounds like lying on the beach in the breeze. Why HTDW remains relatively unknown is a true mystery, to me he should rank with the likes of M83 and Sigur Ros. Continually brilliant, exquisitely ethereal and with the perfect balance of R&B vibes to post-shoegaze chill, HTDW is back with this track to douse your ears in a much needed breeze.

How To Dress Well- Ocean Floor For Everything

Nicolas Jaar

Veteran of the mellow DJ variety, Jaar treated us to a 2 hour essential mix last week, and just lovely it is too. FL and I saw him last year at Melt! and he was perfection in the lake-side night, and that is how I feel when I listen to this mix. Crackly, breezey, piano, mixed in with the likes of Pearson Sound, Aphex Twin and just a dash of Jay-Z and Beyonce. With a tracklist that reads like a dream line up, you know you’re in for a treat in very capable, diverse hands and great company. Truly one of the best mixes I’ve heard this year (HTDW winning that for 2011 with ‘Love Yourself’), it is a 2 hour master class.

Nicolas Jaar- BBC 1 Essential Mix

SBTRKT and Jessie Ware

Unfairly lumped together, perhaps, but these two will always go hand in hand in my head. And what with Jessie’s Ware’s new cover being produced by Sampha, it is the trifecta. Continuing to be some of the most exciting musicians around, the new offerings from these two carry on their well established respect.

Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love

SBTRKT – gamelena

Zed Bias

Unfortunately, no new offerings here. He joins my summer jams by virtue of having DJed me into the small hours last night at the ever amazing Rainbow Warehouse. Alongside Kissy Sell Out (next), he adds to Digbeths upcoming, incredible scene- really feels like the place to be at the moment, with new warehouses popping up in deserted railway arches and hosting world class DJs. Naturally, Zed Bias was on form, with a glorious mix of garage and reggae and all things sweaty. But my track here goes to Frankie Paul apropos of his heavy sampling in the Zed Bias classic Neighbourhood. This original is so much fun, SO SO much fun.

Frankie Paul- I Feel Good

Kissy Sell Out

Again, no new tracks here, just a rekindled love after he took to the fresh new Gibb Warehouse (RIP Custard Factory) for free on Thursday. A good DJ can make you feel like you’re reaching a higher level, when you’re only a few overpriced beers down, and Kissy is definitely a great DJ.

Dillon Francis & A-Trak

When I first heard this I tweeted that it wasn’t very good, and that was disappointing. Still don’t think this is exactly either of their bests, but a few listens down and I must admit… it is a grower. In a weird electro-pop, Vengaboys, Lazy Town, type way. I guess it just takes a few listens to realise that they may have tapped into a great sound, it’s undeniably fun, if it is a little chliched and cheesy. It’s almost like I forgive it, because it has a cheeky grin. It makes me smile and feel guilty, like all the best things in life. And just listen to that fun little piano at the end.

Dillon Francis & A-Trak- Money Makin’


Quite genuinely didn’t think I could love Kindness more; I was wrong. Here he is in his new video, teaching us how to be great like him. It’s like a lecture that I don’t want to sleep through. With a cute little kid. I feel like Kindness is an Ollie from Made in Chelsea that it’s OK to fancy. This is truly brilliant, in a Simon Amstel type way (aka the best way).

Kindness- House

Julio Bashmore

Julio Bash-COULDNOTLOVEANY-more. His new track is pretty much his usual serving of repetative beat and dancable melody. Trippy stuff, Bashmore’s signature style, and this new track welcomes in his very own label. More to come, how exciting.

Julio Bashmore- Au Seve


These boys have made quite the name for themselves, and must be some of the youngest names in the music-world right now. I caught them live a few weeks back, and they live up to their own hype- very talented young men. Here’s their new track that I fear I’ve already worn out. Can’t wait to see how the develop themselves.

Disclosure- What’s in Your Head

Simian Mobile Disco

This fits in nicely from Julio and Disclosure…We have had their gem of an album in our ears for a while now, but it’s only of late had a general release. It’s back to SMD’s best style and, I think, one of their best to date- with not one weak track. Set up to be my album of the summer, probably my favourite of 2012 so far and quite possibly the best this year…time will tell.

Simian Mobile Disco- I Waited For You


I have saved my favourite new track till last because I am just SO happy that it exists. Yeasayer have kept us waiting for just a bit too long, Tightrope having been the themetune to my 2010, I was desperate for new stuff, I just didn’t know it yet. Their being back in on the soundwaves makes summer that bit better and our ear canals that bit happier. Henrietta is classic Yeasayer, killing vocals and a signature twist (slowing it down to heart-melting proportions), with a dashing of synth and drum machine. They remain one of the best bands of our generation. Oh, Yeasayer, we can live on forever.

Yeasayer- Henrietta

There is…

A lot more to write, these few weeks have been very kind to us. If revision had not kept me captive I would have been considerably more on it. But now I am free as a bird, and devoted, as ever, to my creating the world’s best mixtape for my lucky friend.

I’ll leave you with one last glance into my mind at the moment… it’s pretty much just tie dye in there. The nineties are my current love, and, lets face it, who can tell the difference between some nineties garage and some 2012 fresh music?! Crop tops are everywhere, I want to tie dye any thing at all, and Will Smith is back in our lives. Get the glow sticks out and your ears around these true classics.

Womack & Womack- Teardrops

(I just want to own all these clothes and those sunglasses and that on-point head bobbing)

HEY- HOO! Who wouldn’t want to be freinds with this lot?!

Naughty by Nature- Hip Hop Hooray 

That’s quite a lot to be getting on with.

Peaceee x


Let’s start with a quick apology. We apologise for being rubbish and writing nothing, alas we are both fighting a losing battle against our degrees, having fun, seeing DJs, nursing hangovers and breaking a few bones along the way.

Still, absence makes the heart grow stronger and all that, and so I make my return with a few gems that deserve FLBC credit.

Firstly, these few weeks have seen the re-emergence of Hot Chip, multiple side projects aside for their upcoming album. They released Flute on YouTube, a video not for those with a week constitution. And the past few days have seen Night and Day up on soundcloud.

Now, I love Hot Chip. But this is not their best. Admittedly, their best was unquestionably their debut album and they set the bar high, but this track doesn’t met the heady Hot Chip potential. The 2bears and New Build are great side projects, but maybe, justtt maybe, they have diluted the brilliance of Hot Chip. Although some of the lyrics in here are quite humorous, grasping for rhymes (hopefully ironically).

The album that has been on complete repeat in my life is Mayer Hawthorne. Literally, complete repeat. A modern day Elvis Costello with the most uplifting album in recent years and the perfect theme track to cycling around on my bike in the sun. Here is one of my favourites, produced by Clasisixx.

On a less upbeat note, I cannot get enough of Clams Casino and Active Child, but they seem less perfect for early spring.

My final gem is this interview/ lecture with Jame Murphy. It is genuinely worth watching and makes me want to be his friend, he is a dead cert on the dream dinner party list.



There is so much to write about (not least Coachella and SXSW envy), but I am turning over a fresh blogging leaf as of today.




Fine Line

After reading Bright Colour’s remark at Lana Del Rey. I though I would stick up for her a little bit. I don’t even really think she is THAT gorgeous. But regardless of her looks, she’s got a pretty good voice and though not being a huge fan of the original singles (they bore me a little) but fuck have some pretty awesome remixes come out of them. That’s what happens when you get a good vocalist. Fame aside, she CAN sing. So forget what your opinion of her is for one second (I lie, it’s a long song) and listen to this amazing Leo Zero remix of ‘Born To Die’. It’s an amazing driving at night track, and an 11 minute wonder!

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (Leo Zero remix)

Baby got your number…

Best album i’ve heard this year so far has to be Parallel Dance Ensemble’s ‘Possessions and Obsessions’. Some epic songs in there you just have to hear! Some lovely lovely remixes appearing too, especially this one by Salax Peep Show…

Parallel Dance Ensemble – Occupied (Salax Peep Show remix)

Amazing, don’t go a day without listening to it at the moment!!!

He’s back, and I’m 16 again, and he’s beautiful in every way.

It seems that all you need to be achieve success these days is to be gorgeous (Lana Del Ray). It’s so much better when a truely brilliant band is made up of brilliant people, just like M83. The other night I was lucky enough to see them and fall madly in love with them. One of the best live shows I’ve seen in a very long time. But, they didn’t play my favorite song…

I’ll forgive them.

Next up, the Rinse FM/ FWD tour… woop.

I need this, life and irresponsibility made me miss Foamo. Poor show.

Well, that’s the end of 2011 then. The year of the riots, of the royal wedding, of #Frankiecocozza.

Luckily, we had music too. This was the year that dubstep wobbled its way into the mainstream and weird pop continued to confuse, delight or anger us  (why was Lady Gaga wearing a corpse on her head??). This was the year of the two-stepping, repetitive beat loving, synth wielding, left-of-centre crowd. Hipster got mainstream so mainstream got hipster. It was the year of the moustache and a low cut vest (some purple leggings, and a sailor tat (twat)).

All that aside, we have been given some incredible music this year. In a totally unique an innovative blogging turn I will list my #5 albums of the year, and then a few extra added treats. 2012 better look alive.

Album #5 

Patrick Wolf- Lupercalia

It obviously had to be on the list. Obviously. One of his best albums, a much more upbeat sound than we’re used to. And he owned it live too.

Album #4

Azari & III- Azari &III

Because of Melt! Because of their leggings, their incredible use of primary coloured clothing and their dancing. And their music, I guess… (And because of the Nicolas Jaar remix- upon hearing the piano being so cool, I spent £30 on sheet music…)

Album #3


Again, because of Melt! It took me so very long to get tired of this album. Every track is brilliant, and live is even better. Although the best is Never Never, obviously.

Album #2

Bon Iver- Bon Iver

(2011- the unimaginative year of the self-titled album)

He’s still got it. I don’t like to think how much I’ve already written about this album and the man behind it so I won’t repeat myself. All I’ll say is that it is really, really, VERY good and beautiful. And that’s all you can ever ask of anything, really.

Album #1

I’m surprising myself by not giving this spot to Bon Iver. But I would be lying. The single, standout, still on repeat album of the year for me is undoubtably….

The Weeknd- House of Balloons

Abel Tesfaye, just take 2011 and run away with it. It’s yours. Music aside, the trilogy of free albums (‘mixtapes’) was just genius and a brilliantly fresh way of updating the album format. When I look back over the year, it has a big XO hanging over it (crew love). That OVO and that XO, and all that  (Drake’s Take Care owes most of it’s glory to the Weeknd- and Jamie XX and Gil Scott Heron).

Still, the original is still the best. The bar was set incredibly high with House of Balloons, and the other 2 Mixtapes never quite got there. How better to summarise this year than ‘All that money, the money is the motive’?

How do you do 2012 after a 2011 like that? Maybe he’ll just disappear and leave The Weeknd’s 2011 as one of the most exciting stories of the music world in recent years. Or maybe he’ll go on to even better things. 2012, look alive.

  • Best remix of the year- Nicolas Jarr- Azari & III (Into the Night)
  • Best guilty pleasure of the year- One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful
  • Worst thing to happen to music of the year- Little Mix (just in general) with a close second of Jessie J who I in no way resemble.
  • Best musical experience of the year- Gold Panda or SBTRKT at Melt! or Erol Alkan at Cubed or A Night With Beyonce (mmmmm)
  • Video/song I most wish was my life- 
  • Stupidest thing I did in 2011- going to Field Day mainly to see CREEP. And then forgetting to see CREEP.
  • Favourite song that references favourite TV programme- Riton- Dark Place  
  • Favourite pun- Ritontime.

Not to forget…

No summary of the year would be complete without a mention of Gil Scott Heron and DJ Mehdi-  FLBC continue to love them.

So that’s my 2011. This time a couple of years ago my big sis told me disco was the next big thing. I think she may be a prophet.

I think the next big thing is Electropop meets southern hip hop. Jus’ sayin.

Happy new year, y’all.

BC x

Fine Line

SO, it’s been a while.

I guess that’s what the festive season does to people, we’re all off thinking about other things and sometimes things get put on hold. Yes though, we’re back.

It also seems like the christmas season has made a few people rather generous recently. Free downloads of mixes and tracks are all below…

Debonair – Winter Madness mix

The Magician – Magic Tape Eighteen

Kamp – Distance Of The Modern Hearts (Justin Faust Remix)

The O’Jays – Back Stabbers (Drop Out Orchestra edit)

A few months back, I rambled on about music by Perseus who, yes… finally today has released an EP. ‘Russian Girlfriends’.

Check it out…

Perseus – Running Back To You 

Perseus – Russian Girlfriends

Perseus – Cool Runnings


We may have been gone a while, but I hope these might make up for lost time???

Merry Christmas from Fine Line, Bright Colour.